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Immediate results with office organizing sessions

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Office Organization: Photos

BEFORE and AFTER office photos exemplify increased productivity from our onsite time management training.

All photos are taken the SAME DAY as part of our half-day and full-day onsite consulting/training with individuals. It is not about just cleaning out your office but rather having systems for managing the daily work flow so that:

  • You know where to put all incoming items
  • You can find them again quickly
  • It is easier to focus and prioritize
  • Nothing gets overlooked

These are the same systems that we cover in our time management training seminars on managing email, paper, time, and space.


Lack of paper management skills led to loss of ability to manage time effectively Huge gain in productivity after half day of office organizing

Situation This attorney was coming into the office every Saturday in an attempt to gain control of his caseload. There was difficulty prioritizing from the stacks each day. It was a client of his who suggested he contact KOS.

Solution A half day only and his office was changed. Every case and project had a follow-up sheet associated with it so that the actual case file did not need to be on or around his desk as a reminder, and this made matters easy to prioritize.


Wanted to find better ways to manage time and feel in control Set up systems for daily paper flow and filing

Situation In this setting, the director was concerned about follow-through and scheduling issues involving her staff. In addition, it was important that colleagues could cover for each other's appointments in the event of emergency absences.

Solution KOS supplied group training, followed by individual implemention, with KOS staff assisting. The director's comments on her own situation, above, were: "I know I would never have been able to do all of this on my own. You have to go to the expert."

Medical School

Asked for help in managing multiple large projects and keeping up with daily requests Created systems for processing paper and email,and tracking projects

Situation KOS was called in by an administrative assistant who was seeking help for her boss, a doctor and top administrator, who was involved in so many major projects that it was hard to maintain a system to accommodate all of the paperwork involved in running the school's programs.

Solution During our 8-hour session, we worked with the doctor to clear all of the stacks and made sure that everything needing to be done was listed or being tracked. Coming into the office with a cleared desk created an enhanced ability to focus on the tasks at hand.


Lacking a system that controls stress and manages time better Feeling more in control of day and workflow in office

Situation This mental health professional needed systems in place that would cut down the stress from balancing group sessions, individual appointments, and administrative tasks. She wanted to be sure nothing fell through the cracks.

Solution Follow-up comments were, "Implementing your program has been tremendous. Your methods for handling interruptions, in-box, etc. are the keys to keeping my desktop clean and keeping the in-box from becoming another 'filing cabinet'. I've been less stressed and more productive."


Needs better systems to handle daily paperwork and time management Used time management training skills to create permanent changes

Situation Approving procurement orders and tracking payments for a very large organization created lots of stress as departments awaited quick approval for purchases and vendors hoped for fast processing of paperwork in order to receive payments.

Solution To expedite the daily paper flow, we set up systems that focused on grouping like activities in order to get more done within a shorter period of time. Knowing that every incoming item was being processed in a timely manner lessened the pressure and stress.


The lack of organized space gives a poor first impression Setting up systems to deal with daily work flow improves time management skills

Situation As the first person to deal with visitors to a department, this staff member had to deal with countless interruptiosn. Visitors encountered a look that didn't convey what the department wanted to exhibit as its image.

Solution We took all of her daily tasks and set specific areas where these could be grouped. Then we set up a project location so that everything she was currently working on wouldn't be spread out all day. As time permitted, she could pull the next item from her prioritized list and work on that.

Real Estate

Needing better ways to keep up with email, paper, and time management skills Finding methods to manage projects, paperwork, and email

Situation The executive for this company, which owned multiple major properties throughout the city and handled their own development, management, and insurance, had stacks of papers everywhere, with more flowing in on a daily basis.

Solution Using Paper Tiger software as part of our package, we worked together to create this change in 7 hours. The executive in this office then called people in and had them challenge him to find any paper on any topic.


Dealing with wrong setup for best time and paper management Changing office organization for better space management

Situation For this independent oil company, the executives? administrative assistants were working at large old desks that were not designed for computer use and did not have any drawers that would hold files. The credenza in the back held all of their work and filing. It was inefficient and uncomfortable.

Solution Before creating systems to improve work flow, we designed a layout that would give them plenty of drawer space for files as well as provide an ergonomic setting to limit the back problems and shoulder stress they were experiencing.

Driver Training

Needed space and paper systems for multiple people Better use of space for better time management

Situation This was a paperwork intensive business with one operating space that was used by 12 part-time employees. Paperwork was routinely lost in the piles. The business owner needed a system that would streamline operations and that all could follow.

Solution KOS worked with the owner in developing an organizational structure that covered all facets of the operation. Then KOS provided employee-level training, including a course in general paper management as well as specific training in the new system.


Project management was difficult Projects was better managed and nothing overlooked

Situation At this national construction company, the project manager was overseeing the development of several huge complexes, including speedways and performing arts centers. He had cabinets of resources that needed to be indexed in addition to the daily flow of communications.

Solution We spent the first day on his desk area, setting up systems to prioritize work and ensure that everything was handled. The next day we used the Paper Tiger filing software to create a database of reference materials available.

Home Health Care

Needing a system for managing paper and time Finding more effective ways to manage paper and time

Situation The owner of this large home health care agency was feeling scattered. She knew she was not spending the time that was needed on the growth of her business since she was becoming bogged down in the stacks of papers accumulating.

Solution Using Paper Tiger software to create a filing system for her papers eliminated the boxes and many of the stacks. Processes for daily work flow were developed to keep the piles from building up again, and a routine was established to improve communication with the main staff.


Before an office organization day to unclutter space and mindAfter a days of changing business processes 

Situation A busy minister, this client spent as much of his time as possible with the members of his congregation. Yet he still had large amounts of paperwork to deal with in keeping track of his groups' meetings and the many appointments scheduled. It was easy to fall behind.

Solution Our one-day organizing session worked very well in this setting. A system for tracking all the appointments and for setting dates in anticipation of upcoming meetings and lessons, brought order to daily routines and allowed him to follow up in a timely fashion.


Before office organization After changes in ways to manage time, paper, and space

Situation Two vice presidents of this medical billing company had adjoining offices. We worked with both of these at the same time. They had different areas of focus, but both were overwhelmed with the backlog of work.

Solution During this office organizing day, we set up processes to handle all the new and pending tasks and also ensured accountability. Now each of them not only will work more efficiently but will be able to cover for the other in case of emergencies.


Struggling to find good time management processes Feeling in control of time

Situation The office manager for this operation had so much paperwork in her small office that she had spread out to two other desks in their building because it became impossible to be productive in this space.

Solution Daily systems were put in place for invoicing and tracking jobs, the filing systems was revamped, and all of the piles along the walls and under the desk were eliminated as well.


Before finding a good paper management and filing system After putting processes in place to manage papers

Situation This one-person department manager was pulled in many directions. In addition to the overflowing inbox, there were boxes stacked along the walls of the office. It did not present the right image for the organization, and the lack of a good retrieval system wasted precious time.

Solution In this case, our organizing day focused on both work flow and the space issue. Another storage area was used near the director's office and the boxes were unpacked and put away so it was easy to determine what and how many materials were available.


Needing a better plan for managing time, paper, and email Finding a way to better handle paper, email, and daily schedules

Situation This client called for help after moving into a new office. The move provided an excellent opportunity to improve storage arrangement for supplies and files. In addition, a process was started to handle the day-to-day follow-ups with clients.

Solution The client's response was, "It only took a few hours and the result was amazing. My office is so much more efficient, with an appearance of neatness and organization that not only makes me feel more control and less stress, but it also gives that impression to visiting clients."

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