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Office Organizing

Imagine a stress-free, productive, and professionally organized office tomorrow and actually enjoying your work.  

office organizing expert, Denise LandersOur organization experts bring more than office organizing ideas.  We teach and implement proven and simple methods to organize your office and increase your productivity. 

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work.  This morning was the first morning in what I can safely say in years that I was actually excited to come to work.  The workload didn't change.  I just felt less overwhelmed and excited about getting it done. 

What I can say is the true benefit of your system is that it is happily low tech, so ANYONE can use it, involves a process that is easy to follow, and pushes a person to really prioritize their own work, which was one of my biggest issues.  Thank you, Denise, for helping me manage my work life and actually enjoy it!"
Dr. Jenifer Bratter, Associate Director
Rice University

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Your Office - Organized
If you could wave a magic wand and instantly organize your office systems and routines, what would your vision be? Working with you in a corporate setting, small office organization, or home environment, in a single day, we create with you systems to experience that feeling every day.

When you come in your office the next day, we guarantee:

  • 1) You will know what to do with every item coming into your office.
  • 2) You will be able to find anything we file within 5 seconds or less.
  • 3) You will have a "game plan" for anything you need to convert after that first day.

We determine together your priorities and focus on those first. A great way to get started is to complete the Productivity Scorecard, either for yourself or for your organization.

Your office organizing priorities might include daily processing of paper and email, effective filing procedures for both paper and electronic documents, and time management tools.

(See our office organizing photos demonstrating one 8-hour session.)

How You Benefit

  • Speed daily work processing.
  • Respond promptly to requests.
  • Enable better decision-making.
  • Remind yourself of due dates.
  • Process new files quickly.
  • Eliminate searching for documents.
  • Appear in control of your office.
  • Lower stress levels for everyone.
  • Increase productive hours.
  • Save money through efficiency.
  • Make changes in just 1 day!

Read more about how adding and improving systems will help you!

How it Works

We will come to your office. If you have an assistant, he or she is encouraged to participate in the office organizing process. You don't even have to clear things before we arrive! We develop efficient systems together with you, based on your scorecard, your continuing input, and onsite observations.

Your Desk
In a typical scenario, we would begin organizing your desk area. After all, isn't that where you put the most important papers? As we talk about the papers on top of your desk, we begin creating a system that will be effective for you. When we are done with your desk area, you will know where to put every paper coming into your office. You will also have a routine for following up on those items needing further action.

Floor Level
Then we move to the floor level. This is where you might be putting those things from your desk that you didn't get to or papers you are afraid to put away because you might not find them again. If, together, we determine that your situation fits, we might install Taming The Paper Tiger software to handle your filing challenges.

Email & Time Management
Finally, when the desk and floor are cleared, we would move to email, setting up processes that mirror your paper systems. We will also discuss time management techniques that could be effective in your situation and make other suggestions that might help you with your daily routines, such as the layout of your space.

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Read about  results you might expect for your department or small office organization!

More Clients Describe Their Results

"I enjoy having an organized office and knowing that I can find anything at any time. The idea of not having to remember everything and every piece of paper that comes into my office is truly nice. I think I have extra brain cells that I can apply elsewhere now!"
Jennifer Leander, Vice President
PMEB Medical Billing

"Implementing your program has been tremendous for me. I've been less stressed and more productive not having to worry about whether I have forgotten something or where to find something I need."
Angela Passaretti, Therapist
University of Texas

"It was so nice to walk into my nice, neat office today. I am finding it much easier to keep my surfaces uncluttered now that everything is so clean and I have a system that is quick for those "don't know what to do with it" items. Getting that "toleration" out of my life has freed up a lot of energy and made me feel more capable in unrelated areas. Funny how that works."
Debra Bruce

"My office is so much more efficient than before. Plus there is the appearance of neatness and organization which not only makes me feel more control and less stress, but it also gives that impression to visiting clients."
Honey Leveen
LTC Insurance

"You helped me out tremendously. I run three businesses and take care of two personal sets of files. I was overrun with paper and needed a system to help me in keeping up with what was important. I can now spend more time working on what I need to work on rather than rummaging for that paper or giving up because I am overwhelmed with the clutter. Thanks to KOS, I have peace of mind and my time back!"
Joseph Diosana
Software Consultant

We are so confident you will be thrilled with the improved efficiency and productivity that we guarantee our office organizing services 100%.

Contact us online to find out how we guarantee you can permanently organize your office in just one day!

Remote Training Also Available -- Everywhere

A remote training session for office organizing is an exceptionally cost-effective way for us to work together remotely via phones and basic online technology to get your office organized and improve your daily productivity. If you can see this website, you probably have what we need for remote training.

remote office organizing is available anywhere

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