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Time Management for Thanksgiving

November 19th, 2013 · No Comments

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, it is a good time to assess your life. If you would like to be better organized, decrease stress, and improve time management skills, begin to set goals now for 2007.

To determine what you might need to, or want to, change, consider your attitude as you approach the coming week. You know there are built-in stressors, such as:

Traveling: crowded highways, packed airports, flight delays.

Entertaining: cleaning, shopping, cooking, cleaning again.

Whether or not you can relax in spite of these has a tie-in with your everyday life.

  • Did you leave with piles of work undone?
  • Were you working until the last minute?
  • Did you bring work with you for the weekend?

If you are not completely relaxed and looking forward to the upcoming festivities, begin to map out some goals you could set so that next year is different. Remember that goals are not the same as resolutions. Goals are measureable and scheduled. Write down your objectives and then start putting them on your calendar. It is not to soon to plan for the upcoming year.

I wish you a relaxed and memorable holiday week. Š

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