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The Key to Your Organization System

May 1st, 2012 · No Comments

Talk to any of the highest-performing executives, and they will most likely tell you they have a system for productivity. It might revolve around a certain piece of software, a filing system, stack of index cards, or something altogether different, but all of the biggest achievers use one.

What you should learn from that, however, is not that there is necessarily a best system, but that you have to have some sort of effective process if you are ever going to truly succeed as a professional. In other words, it is not the brand name, the parts, or even the price you pay… just that you are able to make full use of your organizational system.

Here are three important details to help you get started and make the right choice:

Your office organizational system needs to work for you. Some people cannot live without high-tech gadgets, and others prefer to handwrite notes and lists on cards and in address books. Either approach, or any one in between, is perfectly valid; you just have to be sure you find a system that makes sense for the way you work and think.

You have to use your organizational system religiously. Consistency is the best way to breed good habits, which is why your organizational system has to be an everyday part of your work. Otherwise, it is too easy to lose track of important details.

You have to have faith in your organizational system. Take the time to learn, establish, and use your organizational system from the first day, because you have to be able to trust it completely if you are not going to fall back to old habits or be tempted to try something else. If you have more than one organizational system, you don’t have any organizational system, so make yours into something you trust completely.

Take my advice and learn from the highest-performing professionals: You can have almost any organizational system, but it has to be one that you make work for you–and only one, used with consistency. Follow these tips to find the right one, and, using good time management skills,  you will never have to worry about losing control of calendars and details again.

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