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Stress that is Good for Your Productivity

September 15th, 2007 · No Comments

Stress that is good for you? It is possible. Good stress stems from working hard and productively, feeling accomplished at the end of a challenging day.

Jenna Goudreau recently wrote an article in Business Week about stress factors. Good stress relates to concentration and creativity. This kind of stress is what encourages you to finally sit down and accomplish your goals. Without this kind of stress, we might not ever finish something unpleasant. Mind you, the joyful things in life would get done, but things like boring projects that are actually important might be sitting waiting for your attention indefinitely.

So, what is bad stress? Bad stress is what causes and creates panic and fear. While these feelings are a part of life, this is the stress that we want to avoid. This is what you feel when you sense impending failure. This kind of stress is also what is bad for your health.

What it comes down to is a combination of productivity and control. When you’re working in an area that is organized and allows you to access everything you need, you will be working in a timely and efficient manner. In this case you’re experiencing the good stress which is the drive to complete your projects.

When you’re in an area that is cluttered and unfocused and you are not able to track projects and deadlines, your mind is also cluttered and unfocused. Trying to prioritize your work in this environment will lead to poor productivity, and thus to bad stress.

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