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Organizing for Travel

August 20th, 2013 · No Comments

Packing for a trip should get easier the more often you do it. If you want to be very organized when traveling, you can even use checklists for each trip. Yet I find that the more organized I am, the more I pack because I’m trying to envision every possibility. How many times do you wish you had brought along something additional?

This happened in packing for my Las Vegas trip this week. The temperature was averaging 107 degrees, and I was not doing any presenting of time management seminars┬áto groups. It was strictly an informal trip with any need for business attire. How simple is that for packing? “Small” outfits for torrid desert temperatures seemed fitting. That was fine until I stepped into our hotel. I think we had the coldest hotel in town. The dining areas were really frigid, especially the buffet. It must have been geared to ensure that there was no lingering.

That first evening I was scouting out the junk souvenir shops wondering if they had a cheap sweatshirt. I certainly didn’t need another one and didn’t want to invest much in it but was rethinking the way I had packed, wishing I had jeans and sweaters despite the 107 degrees.

With almost every indoor venue being climate-controlled, it has become so much more difficult to pack for traveling–or even to just go out for dinner. While the outside temperature may not vary much, that switch from indoors to outdoors makes it hard to know what to bring along. This can occur in any season.

One definition of being organized is being ready for any opportunity. Adapting this definition to replace “opportunity” with “situation” can certainly lead to more packing. Who is actually more organized–the one with the small duffel bag or the larger suitcase?

For a successful vacation escape from the office routine, use the same productive, organized office concepts to get ready.

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