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Is Your Daily Routine Backwards?

November 13th, 2012 · No Comments

When it comes to putting together your daily work schedule, things can seem pretty straightforward: You have so many hours you have to put in at the office, and projects you have to complete, for things to go smoothly. With that in mind, the process of putting them in order – with your most important work tasks coming first – seems like a pretty simple idea.

You just figure out what you need to do to manage your time, stay employed and meet your professional goals, and then let everything else come afterward… right?

That is certainly the way most people arrange their daily schedules, but it also might be looking at things the wrong way around. A growing number of professionals are deciding to put themselves, and their health, first – and it is paying big dividends in some cases. The rationale is simple: By putting work first, you accomplish more projects in the short term; but by putting yourself first, you stay sharper and can get more done every day.

Here are a few quick tips to help you get started:

Think about the things you need in your life. A lot of us struggle to make time for exercise, preparing healthy meals, or engaging in some activity that lets us relieve stress. Begin by making a short list of what it would take to improve your personal life, health, or energy level.

List the activities it would take to break your worst habits. Next, think about what might be holding you back from accomplishing the things on your list. Is it time for a morning run, the half hour needed to prepare recipes, or to get out of the office earlier? Try to think about these steps in concrete terms and time commitments.

Treat your personal obligations like you would an important business meeting. Finally, try changing your routine by placing these items on your schedule first. Do not go overboard, so that you do not have time for work, but put a priority on your own health and energy level for a while. You might just be surprised at what can happen in a short amount of time.

Rearranging your daily scheduling habits requires a bit of discipline, especially if you start to feel guilty about putting yourself before your work. Do not be afraid to give it a try, though, and just keep reminding yourself that by taking care of your own needs, you might also be doing the best thing for your career and employer at the same time.

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