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An Organized Lifestyle

September 27th, 2007 · 1 Comment

I recently did some browsing in the organization and storage department of Wal-Mart, and was surprised at the quantity of gadgets that are offered to help you better organize your stuff! We’ve all heard of the Container Store and other places that specialize in offering organizing products, but have you noticed the recent abundance of storage and organizational objects in stores that specialize in other products? From items designed to help you prepare for going back to school to getting your closet in order, you can find gadgets in every price range at almost any store you enter.  The problem? Your stuff will not stay organized simply because you buy a new container. We’ve all heard that financial issues are not solved with money, and weight issues are not solved by diets…rather these obstacles require a lifestyle change. The same is true for organization. You cannot simply buy a new shelf or tray and expect your office to automatically become and stay organized; you have to change your lifestyle and personal approach to the stuff you have.  Below is a list of a few simple steps to help you become more organized in your life, and change your lifestyle so that it is more conducive to being organized. The following can be applied to your closet, office, kids’ rooms, or even your car!

  • Prioritize your stuff! If you do not need it immediately, place it in out-of-sight storage. If it is superfluous…you guessed it, TOSS IT!
  • Prioritize your “realty”. If it is not accessed regularly, it should not be in the prime real estate area on your desk or other highly trafficked areas.

Organization is not something that happens overnight. Like trying to lose weight or get out of debt, becoming organized might be a long process that takes quite a bit of dedication. However, with the right tools and mindset, you can do it!

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  • 1 jen_chan, writer // Oct 2, 2007 at 6:36 am

    It’s also the conscious choice to be more organized that helps clear the clutter of both the mind and the working space. Awareness and honest assessment of one’s lifestyle is also crucial. This is why a lot of people are having a difficult time doing even step number one. There are so many things that people generally don’t need and yet they are still hesitant to throw them away. Excess baggage– whether tangible or not– really make it hard for people to get organized.